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Natural Beeswax & Honey Skincare

Mother Nature's Skincare Magic!


Harnessing the moisturising, protective, healing & antibacterial properties of pure beeswax & honey.

Together with carefully selected natural oils, butters and essential oils creates simple but naturally effective skin care.

The Bee Biotic Skincare Range uses pure beeswax & honey from our own hives in the Shropshire Hills & other local small scale Shropshire beekeepers.  Great care is taken to select only the best quality natural, sustainable ingredients & are free from palm oil, parabens & preservative. No products or ingredients have been tested on animals.

Every product has undergone a full cosmetic CPSR safety assessment & is manufactured by hand in the

"Bee Biotic Bee Lab" in hygienic conditions.

All Bee Biotic's products packaged in Eco-friendly biodegradable or recyclable packaging.