Bee Soapy On The Go-Single Use Soap shards

Get clean, hygienic hands on the go, with our lovely beeswax & honeysoaps formed into single use soap shards in a handy travel tin. Naturally antibacterial, antimicrobial & antifungal but kind & moisturising to skin. Bee Soapy On The Go soap shards come in a handy recyclable aluminium travel tin containing enough for at least 30 handwashes.

45g tin


Bee Soapy On The Go

  • Each soap shard is more than enough to wash both hands (just break off as much as you need ie. for children's small hands). Wet hands & cup soap shard in the palm of 1 hand with some water & massage between palms to produce lather, then massage over all surfaces of both hands including fingers, thumbs, nails & wrists for 2 minutes, rinse hands with water & dry thoroughly. Follow with Busy Bees Protective Hand Balm to moisturise & protect hands.